About Us 



'Fired Up Theatre sets out to devise, write and perform challenging 'outside of the box ' performing arts works, that combine the talents of both professional and non professional artists from theatre, literature, music, film, dance, technical, community and educational back grounds.


Fired Up Theatre sets out to perform these works in both conventional and non conventional( unique) spaces; and in doing so aims to create opportunities for those wishing to advance their careers as well as opening doors for those taking their first steps into the artistic professions.'


Fired Up Theatre was established by Simon Quinn in 2004 to provide theatre skills into schools, taking on difficult themes and subjects that impact the lives of students and exploring them through drama.


Based in Staffordshire it is a professional community theatre company that devises and delivers bespoke performing arts projects for the arts, education and community sectors; and specialises in creating ‘outside of the box’ projects for both rural and urban areas that are lacking in arts provision.


The Company believes that the strategies and mechanisms it deploys in theatre, music, dance, film and literature allows artists from professional, semi-professional and non-professional backgrounds to contribute to the Company’s diverse and inclusive programme of work. We work in schools and communities to explore all life and the impact of events on the participants.


Fired Up Theatre also develop their own projects from within the company to give participants the widest opportunities to develop their theatrical skills.

Performance Programme.


Theatre skills, acting, movement, dialogue delivery, projection, working in character. Directing, Stage Managing and general stage craft.


Voice control

Warm-up techniques

Developing a character

Character and text

Ensemble theatre

Working with props


Reading classical theatre works

Basic physical theatre

Designing for the stage


Mask work

Stage combat


Development for actors that includes:

Performances for stage, film and radio with a touring repertory company.

Development for Writers through a Literature Programme that includes workshops – Poetry and scripts – creating narratives and drama on the page.

Writing in voices, creating characters, designing plots, driving action and reflecting consequences.


Opportunities for Writers.

Writers will be able to see their work transfer from page to stage, observing the process of the realisation through to eyes of the director and the actors, taking this learning back in the writing process.


Opportunities for musicians and composers.

Our productions make use of original music from live performance to recorded soundtracks, providing opportunities for musicians and composers of all musical genres to contribute to our productions.